CTU HeRMI seminar

The Health and wellbeing Research Methodology and Implementation (HeRMI) hub draws together personnel into groups with expertise in 8 key methodological areas (e.g. qualitative approaches, biostatistics and clinical trials, evidence synthesis). Each group aims to improve the College of Health and Wellbeing’s capacity and capability for research.  The groups have discussed and produced strategies and plans to take account of types and levels of expertise, identify training needs and internal and external opportunities for development, and groups work together to host a monthly seminar series reflecting each methodological area.

This month, the Lancashire Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) hosted a successful HeRMI seminar on 12th July 2016 titled Trial Site selection: Engaging clinical staff in complex interventions. The seminar was hosted by Denise Forshaw, Principal Clinical Trials Manager of the Lancashire CTU. Thirty six people were in attendance, of whom twenty were external NHS staff based around the UK. The seminar opened with an introductory presentation by Denise Forshaw, who explained the Lancashire CTU’s involvement in the Acute Stroke Nursing study HeadPoST and how clinical sites are selected by Lancashire CTU Trial Management Team not only for this study, but for research studies in general. This introduction was then followed by short presentations from a number of representatives (including doctors and research nurses) from clinical sites around the UK. These staff discussed the highlights and difficulties they had faced running not only this particular research study, but how their experiences could shape future research studies in their sites.

Hayley Tyrer


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