Have a look at our BSc Nutrition & Exercise Science student blog!

“SCRAN came about as a result of some of those questions and comments I mentioned in my first post. Something that came up a lot were people – mostly, but not exclusively, fellow students – who were bemoaning their lack of cooking skills and confusion about what good nutrition meant.

Recognising how frustrating I used to find my own inability to prepare meals was, and comparing that to how much I now enjoy cooking – and not to mention how much more nutritious and balanced my diet has become as a result, I began seeking out others who may share my concerns and be willing to help out.

I have found many. Most, unsurprisingly, were fellow nutrition students, but not all. Some just love to cook and to help people. Within the university hierarchy too, there has been enthusiasm and support.

The summer break has interrupted us as we scatter to all corners, but over the coming months we will be working to bring together some resources, which we hope will include peer-to-peer cooking classes, demonstrations on campus, subject specific workshops, and of course, the online HQ for students to come for information and guidance.”

If anybody would like to get involved pleas get in touch:



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