Professor Nicola Lowe gains research funding into BiZiFED biofortified zinc flour to eliminate deficiency


dr_nicola_loweUCLan Nutritional Science Professor Nicola Lowe has been granted £30,000 from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) to investigate whether a newly developed strain of bio fortified wheat could increase dietary zinc intake in Pakistan. According to the World Health Organisation, dietary zinc deficiency is a global problem affecting 17% of the world’s population, with the greatest burden in developing countries. The most recent national survey in Pakistan indicates that over 40% of women are zinc deficient, compared with less than 15% in Europe and North America. The consequences of zinc deficiency are profound and far reaching, ranging from stunted growth and development in children, increased susceptibility to infections in children and adults and complications during pregnancy and childbirth.  This has a negative economic impact on the family, the community and the region.

The study is a collaboration with plant physiologist, Professor Martin Broadley at Nottingham University, as well as research partners in Pakistan including the Abaseen Foundation and Khyber Medical University and Fauji Fertilizer Company. The research will focus on families in a North West Pakistan rural community who will spend eight weeks eating the new strain of wheat grain growth in zinc rich fertilizer compared to standard grain to assess whether it increases zinc content in the body. The team will monitor the participants by testing hair samples and blood plasma as well as exploring new techniques to evaluate zinc levels. They will also look at hoe culturally acceptable bio fortification is within rural communities and key stakeholders including farmers.


School of Nursing shortlisted for Nurse Education Provider of the Year award

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Now in their 6th year, the Student Nursing Times Awards are the only awards to celebrate the very best in student nurses and nurse education. The School of Nursing here at UCLan are proud to announce that they have been shortlisted for the Nurse Education Provider of the Year (Pre – Registration) category.

This award will recognise those universities that offer high standards of academic and practical teaching and excellent resources.

On 27th April Dr Karen Wright Head of School of Nursing, Dr Nigel Harrison, Exec Dean of the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing and colleagues will be travelling down to London Hilton for the award ceremony. They have been shortlisted according to a range of criteria which includes being an outstanding educational institution offering a nursing course and demonstrating excellence in a range of areas. These areas include being an educational environment that nurtures, supports, motivates and inspires as well as supporting students emotionally and practically during their course of study. Also developing and upholding the professionalism of nurses and ensuring they understand and adhere to the NMC Code of Conduct.

The school was nominated by a member of Comensus who recognised the valuable investment that the school and its students play in contributing to the nursing profession. Additionally, our student president Reece Doonan and Emma Jones a lecturer in the Mental Health team gathered the evidence to support the positive experience they had encountered within the School of Nursing.

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Call for participants

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Research project title: Learning from elite athletes’ mental health experiences

My name is Florence and I am currently a PhD student at the University of Central Lancashire. As part of my PhD, I am conducting a study aiming to broaden our understanding of mental health issues in elite sport from elite athletes’ perspective. I am particularly interested in examining what issues they have encountered, how it was diagnosed and how they have dealt with it.

For this project, I am, therefore, looking to interview participants who have experienced mental health issues (for which they have been formally assessed and diagnosed) during or immediately post their career, and who were performing their sport at an elite level.

The interview is composed of approximately 8 questions and should last about 90 minutes. This project has received ethical approval from the UCLan Ethics Committee for Business, Arts, Humanities and Social Science (BAHSS No 395) and I will be happy to meet you at any convenient time and location for you if you are interested in taking part in our study.

For more information about this project, a detailed information sheet has been attached to this post.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further information.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this information and for considering taking part in our project.

 Learning from elite athletes_ mental health experiences – Information Sheet

Best Regards,

Florence Lebrun

PhD student

Institute of Coaching and Performance

School of Sport and Wellbeing

University of Central Lancashire