Service User and Care Congress Day

On March 29th 2017, Comensus, UCLan’s service user and carer group held its bi-annual Congress day. The theme, challenging prejudices, has been one that characterised Congress Days for over 10 years; the type of community groups that delivered workshops this year reflected this. Comensus worked in partnership with local community groups and had members talk from their own personal experience in seminars covering topics such as HIV, young people’s suicide, head injuries, sexual abuse, laryngectomy, addiction to substances, transgender issues and life as an ex-offender. In addition, Comensus facilitated three group visits to the Traveller site adjacent to the UCLan’s main campus.

The ethos for the day was about challenging prejudice by students working with groups and hearing their stories, each group spoke on the issues they face in an honest and clear way. One student commented on the Laryngectomy workshop saying;

“‘K’s’ presentation was highly educational on so many levels. It was very informative – factual and personal. Having the chance to hear directly from ‘K’, who spoke so honestly and with such clarity and humour, watching the screen presentation gave me some insight into aspects of living with laryngectomy and how this can affect both the person and their loved ones.”

The student who attended this workshop told Comensus they would contact the trainers of the First Air course from their organisation to include a clear message to check whether the person in need of First Aid breathes via nose or neck and how to provide emergency treatment accordingly.

Another really important impact!

Another student gave feedback saying;

“Thank you for yesterday and my place at the Congress event, with Comensus. What a worthwhile day.”

We hope everyone who attended the Congress will continue to challenge prejudice.

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