Lancashire Science Festival 2017

crash scene

Last month UCLan hosted its sixth annual Lancashire Science Festival, which came back bigger and better this year, with a huge variety of shows, exhibitions and workshops to inspire young people about the real life applications of science.

Our School is largely involved with the festival where our staff and students coordinate the #SkillZone and run a variety of workshops and drop in sessions such as ‘Operation!’, ‘Outbreak’, ‘be a Paramedic’, ‘Children’s nursing’, ‘Become a mummy’ and ‘Mental health and well being’. We worked alongside local Ambulance, Fire and Police services who set up a crash scene in Harrington car park.

In the Sports Hall in STFSC we hosted a dress up station where hundreds of people had their photos taken as healthcare professionals, whilst the Stroke team, Lancashire Care NHS Trust and Comensus all had their own stalls throughout the 3 days.

nursing mid

There was approximately 10,000 people that attended over the 3 days and the Festival as a whole has won the Heist award for best community engagement project. We have received fantastic feedback from people who attended which was all down to the staff and students that were involved, going above and beyond to make the #SkillZone, workshops and sessions such a success.

We are always looking for people to help out with the Science festival, email if you are interested, want any information or have any ideas for the festival for next year! The Science Festival can really showcase what we do as a school and also as Healthcare professionals to children who may want to go into the profession and is always a lot of fun!staff